Blunt goes Zorn.

Whilst we were dredging up non-existent Aphex Twin rarities, rehabilitated prankster Dean Blunt spent April 1 on a more serious tip. The man behind our favourite album of 2013 and a new ensemble played an hour-long set at London experimental outpost Cafe OTO, billed as “Free Jazz”.

As Tiny Mix Tapes point out, that performance is now online. The eight-piece set-up saw Blunt joined by regular collaborator Joanne Robertson and Emil Erg, plus a squad of saxophonists and vocalist Liquid Thompson. The title’s not a misnomer: the set’s an hour of caterwauling saxophones and loose-limbed percussion work, overlaid with splenetic performance poetry. It’s confounding and compelling – standard Blunt, then.

The full set is available to stream below.



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