The Brooklyn-based producer steps away from footwork on his latest track.

When Teklife-affiliated producer Lil Jabba spoke with FACT’s Angus Finlayson last year, he described his post-Scales material as “really rich… really ambitious” and slower than his uniquely tuned footwork material.

A few departures from footwork have popped up on his Soundcloud since last summer, affixed with the tongue-in-cheek “jabbawerks” tag. As dense and druggy as his footwork tracks — but with narcotic tempos and rap-inflected beats — the material shows the other side of the Jabba coin.

His latest track, ‘Murky Moon’, lives up to its “swamp bathed in moonlight” description, but there’s also a gentle playfulness amid the synth swells and late night shadows, with jazzy electric piano and sinewy synth melodies in the mix. Stream it below.



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