Stream two mixes of Jamaican gospel from the '60s

Two volumes of religious music from the island.

If you tucked into David Katz’s exhaustive exploration of Jamaican dub (and accompanying playlist) last week, here’s a suitably religious chaser for the end of the Easter weekend.

Blogger Steven Nereo has pieced together two volumes – with a third on the way – of Jamaican gospel from the ’60s, sparked by his recent purchase of a compilation titled Noah Found Grace.

“When you spend a lot of time purchasing whole lots of random Jamaican records, there are always bound to be a few gospel 45s mixed in,” he wrote. “Over the years my pile grew slowly and I was always amazed by how fresh they sounded for religious recordings from the 1960s.”

“Recently I bought the amazing compilation Noah Full of Grace and listened to it non-stop for a few weeks. The excitement of this reminded me of my own stack of gospel 45s, so into the piles I went to dig out some gems. On top of that, my good friend at Deadly Dragon went through his own collection and sent me a few records that gave this mix some of its finer sides.”

These are the latest in Nereo’s extensive selection of mixes focusing on Jamaican music – explore the rest on his blog.

Stream both mixes below or download Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 separately.



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