Lo Shea closes down his Seaghdha imprint with a compilation of his widely-acclaimed 12″s.

Since 2012, Lo Shea has been building up a solid following with not only his series of 12″s (released on his own Seaghdha label) but also thanks to his excellent Hope Works parties. Now signed to secretsundaze’s The Secret Agency, Shea is bringing Seaghdha to a close, and releasing CD compilation Distance as its swan song.

Distance sweeps up eleven of his best drops, from the woozy ‘DTB’ to the jazzy ‘This Moment Right Here’, and should undoubtedly please fans who missed the short vinyl runs. It’s due to hit the shelves on May 19 on CD, with a digital release following, and if you’re more inclined towards vinyl, the final Seaghdha 12″ is still available.


01 Searching
02 Always
03 This Moment Right Here
04 Horizons
05 Underwater Rhythm
06 365247
07 Vasquez
08 DTB
09 Remember Them Times
10 Rinkydink
11 Brother



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