Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi is set to dip his toe into scoring yet again.

At this point the singer/songwriter is an old hand – aside from helping out Cameron Crowe on numerous occasions, Jónsi has also collaborated with pal (and regular foil) Alex Somers on recent indie flick The Wilderness of James, and this isn’t even mentioning all the times Sigur Rós have ended up used as cinematic catnip.

Well now Jónsi and Alex Somers are set to make a jump to the small screen, penning music for upcoming US TV show Manhattan. The series is set in the midst of the Second World War, at the point when the pursuit of new destructive technology led to the development of the frightening atomic bomb. Codenamed The Manhattan Project, the device was eventually deployed in Japan, and is seen as the action that brought the war to a bloody conclusion.

Manhattan is helmed by The West Wing‘s Thomas Schlamme, and written by Masters of Sex scribe Sam Shaw, and if anyone can help bring a sufficient blend of horror and triumph it’s Jónsi. The show is set to debut on WGN in July. [via Exclaim]



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