Faithful recreation of the pioneering collaboration between Moog and Emerson unveiled at Moogfest 2014.

Moog Music has honored the collaboration between Bob Moog, one of the founding fathers of electronic music, and Keith Emerson, the legendary British keyboardist, by recreating the iconic Emerson Moog Modular unit 50 years since the introduction of the first voltage controlled synthesizer, the Moog Modular.

As the company explained in an official announcement:

Over the last 3 years Moog Music has set out to research and build a faithful recreation of this highly complex, custom instrument. Using the original documentation as well as circuit board and art files for nearly every original Moog module, Moog Engineers have painstakingly recreated the original Emerson Modular System.

The unit includes handcrafted modules built from the original circuit designs, assembled in the same way they had been in the 1960s, while the front panels are photo-etched aluminum, a rare process that gives the unit the look, and feel, of vintage Moog modules.

Emerson headlined Moogfest 2014 on thursday night in celebration of the announcement and sat down for a live discussion yesterday.

As for getting your hands on one, Moog have announved that they will build of a handful of these systems with prices available upon request. Maybe someone can start a kickstarter to crowd-buy one?

While you figure out how to get your hands on the unit, you can always read our guide of the 14 synthesizers that shaped modern music.



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