“There’s mad turds up in there!”

Detroit rapper and FACT favourite Danny Brown dropped into Tim Westwood’s studio the other day to talk about the trials of giving up syrup. The main reason he quit drinking? He couldn’t get his Balmain jeans on anymore.

“I was getting too fat man, I gained like 15 pounds!” he told the Big Dog. “You can’t wear Rick Owens looking pregnant. You can’t have a Gucci Mane belly and wear high-end fashion.”

“You drinking a lot of soda,” he added, referring to the usual lean concoction which mixes cough syrup with Sprite or 7UP. “I might drink a two litre of soda in a day by myself.”

He also talked about the trauma of withdrawal, both emotional and physical – giving up basically gives you chronic diarrheoa, which is why it’s so hard to stop: “You don’t have no syrup for three days, you might shit on yourself!”

“But then the other side to that story, if you drink too much you become constipated and you can’t take a shit. That’s why Gucci Mane’s belly was like that – it wasn’t the fact that he was fat, he was bloated. There’s mad turds up in there!”

Danny’s withdrawal period last two weeks – during which time he was interviewed by FACT and gamely took part in FACT Singles Club, despite obviously being on a huge downer. He didn’t shit himself, though.

He also issued a strong warning to anyone still drinking, pointing out that syrup is “liquid heroin, it’s a opiate”.

“Everyone know what heroin do to people, it just does the exact same thing,” he said, adding: “It tastes amazing, you know what I’m saying, but once you get addicted to that taste man, it’s a brain thing, it’s like a mental thing, it’s stuck there. I haven’t drunk in a month and a couple weeks now, and there hasn’t been a day that go by where I don’t taste it in my mouth still.”

Watch the whole interview above.



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