Dark Entries to release debut LP from Sumerian Fleet, Just Pressure

A double hit of darkwave from the San Francisco label.

Dark Entries takes a break from reissues this spring to release two new albums, the first of which comes from Dutch industrial outfit Sumerian Fleet.

Clone regulars Alden Tyrell and Ingmar Pauli will follow up an EP and 12″ with their debut album Just Pressure, billed as “80s darkwave and EBM inspired tracks with an industrial tinge” and featuring period hardware like the Linn drum machine and Roland TR-808.

The nine tracks were recorded over the past year in Rotterdam and Den Haag with vocalist Zarkoff, and include a remixed version of the title track from the Sturm Bricht Los EP. Each record will come packaged in a sleeve “incorporating Mesopotamian pyramids and occult symbols, offset printed with gold ink”, which sounds very covetable indeed.

Dark Entries have also lined up an album from REDREDRED, the moniker of San Francisco’s Michael Wood. Also inspired by industrial and EBM music of the ’80s, the eight-track Pattern Completion is also due out on May 26 too.

Preview Sumerian Fleet’s LP below and scroll down for both albums’ tracklists.


Sumerian Fleet – Just Pressure
01 Just Pressure
02 On To You
03 Unfulfilled Desire
04 Gone For Good
05 Orbiting
06 Nebelwerfer
07 Dirty Water
08 Patient #7
09 2047

REDREDRED – Pattern Completion
01 Contract/Dream
02 Enforcer
03 Ego Manifest
04 A Pattern Completion
05 Concrete/Sand
06 Skyline
07 Movement
08 Distance Among Objects



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