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Imogen Heap is leading the way for Sennheiser’s new project, MOMENTUM.

Designed to showcase the world’s most inspirational “sound stories”, the MOMENTUM project sees Sennheiser and Spotify collaborate to document 100 carefully selected, thought-provoking people whose approach to sound showcases their passion, and, yes, their MOMENTUM.

Imogen Heap has quietly been ahead of the game when it comes to music production and promotion for several years. Her newest endeavour, the Mi.Mu glove, breaks down the barrier between musicians and machines, and between performer and audience – defying expectations both in terms of how songs are performed, and how the process is perceived. Countless artists have talked about wanting to becoming one with their machines – Heap goes one step further and makes it happen.

If you fancy yourself as someone with a similar approach, then get involved – Sennheiser are allowing people to contribute their own story to the campaign in the form of a seven-second video. You can add these to other video contributions with the same theme, building “video chains” of inspiration. The most compelling videos and ideas will be rewarded with prizes including trips to London, New York and Tokyo. Contributors will also get the chance to win pairs of Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones, alongside six-month subscriptions to Spotify Premium.

For more information on how to submit videos and watch what’s already live, head here. Follow the conversation on Twitter with #WhatsYourMomentum.



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