Bok Bok reveals more of his Charizmatic Self with 'Da Foxtrot'

Another cut from one of the year’s most anticipated releases.

With ‘Howard’ and the Kelela-enhanced ‘Melba’s Call’, Bok Bok already had us chomping at the bit to hear the rest of his funkified new EP, Your Charizmatic Self, due out on May 26.

The third track, ‘Da Foxtrot’, explores the same fidgety electro-funk swagger, pairing rave swoops and whistles with whipcracking percussion and swathes of open space.

Listen to the track via The Fader and read FACT’s recent interview with Bok Bok to find out what the Night Slugs boss had to say about club genomes and a new era of pop music.

The label has also just made public the “manifesto” for its Club Constructions series, encouraging other producers to contribute tracks under specific guidelines (clue: melodies aren’t welcome).



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