Wu-Tang Clan reveal snipped of one-of-a-kind album <em>Once Upon A Time In Shaolin</em>

Get a first-look (and first-listen) of The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

As previously reported, the Wu-Tang Clan’s The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be released as an edition of one, taken on an art tour, and sold to the highest bidder — RZA says that they already have a $5 million bid. Forbes was granted a behind-the-scenes look at the album, which took them all the way to Marrakesh, Morocco.

“Despite everybody thinking that this is some great publicity stunt or marketing ploy, this has been a genuine concept from the get-go,” says producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh. “It happened to get a lot of publicity—great—but it is a genuine concept with a genuine core and a genuine goal.”

“It’s a conceptual record where you’re trying to go back to ‘93-‘97, that glorious time,” he says. “To get brothers into that mode again, as if they just came off the street, as if they were still out there trying to make a living and surviving, it’s difficult. … You’re trying to get them into an aggressive mode and the beats are aggressive, and funny enough, it drew it out of them, the beats actually commanded the way they performed.”

Head to Forbes to watch the video; take a look at the box at about 6:00 and hear a track that features Ghostface (and possibly Cher!?) at about 9:00. Like what you hear? There’s still that fan-launched Kickstarter

Update: According to Rolling Stone, it really is Cher on the recording. Apparently she contributed vocals to two tracks, and while she wasn’t available for comment, her rep confirmed, saying “She recorded her parts separately, so I don’t believe there was direct interaction.” That’s that then – the collaboration nobody thought would happen?



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