Australian industrial outfit Severed Heads reissued on Medical Records

Industrial-pop innovators revive a pair of ’80s albums.

US reissue label Medical Records is to reissue two records by experimental Aussie band Severed Heads next month.

Since The Accident, originally released in 1983 on Ink Records, began life as a self-released cassette of weird tape loop collages, but a sudden interest in Australia’s nascent post-punk scene led to the album being snapped up for release on the Virgin offshoot. Among the experimental stuff is ‘Dead Eyes Opened’, a synth-pop number that made it into the Australian charts and remains their biggest hit.

City Slab Horror came out two years later on Ink and combines industrial noise with electronic pop – definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle.

Both LPs have been remastered by the band’s Tom Ellard and come with bonus inserts made by him featuring “ephemera of the time”. Both are due out in June.

Scroll down for tracklists and enjoy ‘Dead Eyes Opened’ below. [via RA]


Since The Accident:

01 A Relic Of The Empire
02 A Million Angels
03 Houses Still Standing
04 Gashing The Old Mae West
05 Dead Eyes Opened
06 Golden Boy
07 Godsong
08 Epilepsy 82
09 Exploring The Secrets Of Treating Deaf Mutes
10 Brassiere, In Rome
11 Wasps

City Slab Horror:

01 Spasm
02 Spastic Crunch
03 Spitoon Thud
04 4.W.D.
05 Ayoompteyempt
06 The Bladders Of A One Thousand Bedoin
07 Now An Explosive New Movie
08 Guests
09 We Have Come To Bless The House
10 Cyflea, Rated R
11 Goodbye Tonsils
12 Voices Of The Dead



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