Applebottom fires off a banger on Zed Bias' Biasonic label – hear 'Licked/Knock It Like That'

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a good, old fashioned BANGER.

You know – the kind of track that blows aside any finicky concerns about genres, sub-genres, revivals and all the rest, by virtue of the fact that it just… bangs. This is one of those tracks.

Picked up by Zed Bias as the first release on his new Biasonic label, and easily the best we’ve heard yet from the young Bristolian Applebottom, it’s a speeding freight train of diva vocal samples, banging pianos, crushing sub-bass, sirens, smoke-machine hissing and heads-down funky shuffle that only the most dedicated of wallflowers could fail to be impressed by. Did we mention it bangs?

The ‘Licked/Knock It Like That’ 12” is out on May 12, and there’s a launch party for the label with a pretty impressive lineup at Fire on May 10th.



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