Look what's on The Smiths' 1986 tour rider

What kind of miserabilists demand tuna sandwiches without mayonnaise?

The Smiths’ rhythm section, of course. A rider purporting to be from Manchester band’s 1986 US tour has been doing the rounds on Twitter, revealing that Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon wanted plain tuna sarnies with their beer, fags and cans of Coke.

Morrissey asked for “thinly cut” cheese sandwiches, red wine and a bottle of gin, and also displayed his awkward patriotic streak by demanding Lucozade instead of Gatorade.

Johnny Marr opted for two rounds of cheese and tomato sandwiches with no butter or margarine, plus the usual “biscuits, cakes etc”. See the rider in full below.

An unauthorised movie about Morrissey’s pre-Smiths years is currently in the works, helmed by the producers of the Ian Curtis biopic Control, while the singer’s wonderfully titled new solo album is due this year.






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