Aphex Twin's unreleased Caustic Window LP attracts $67,424 on Kickstarter

More than 4,000 backers pooled money to set the long-lost album free.

A Kickstarter campaign to release Aphex Twin‘s test pressing-only Caustic Window album has raised a total of $67,424 – more than seven times its original target.

Backers who paid $16 each will now receive a digital copy of the LP ripped straight from the vinyl in a lossless audio format.

The 16 tracks include two that previously appeared on compilation releases (‘Phlaps’ and ‘Cunt’) and two recordings of Aphex prank-calling his friends. Some of the tracks have been heard in live DJ sets and mixes, but outside of the two that turned up on compilations, none have seen commercial release.

The LP initially turned up on Discogs at the start of April (just a few days after FACT unearthed another mysterious Aphex Twin track) with an asking price of $13,500, which led fans at the WATMM forum to hatch a plan to release the album on Kickstarter, bringing Rephlex on board to make it official.

According to the Kickstarter FAQs, once the cost of digital mastering and distribution is taken out, the remaining balance will be paid to Aphex and his label Rephlex. There had been talk of donating some of the cash to charity, but that isn’t mentioned on the Kickstarter page.

Catch up with the full story in our initial post and read FACT’s run-down of the 50 best Aphex Twin tracks here.



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