Venus X shuts down GHE2O GOTH1K and blames Rihanna for "collecting all the credit for my brand"

Pop star’s fashion antics rile scene figurehead.

Venus X has shut down her underground party-turned-movement GHE2O GOTH1K, blaming Rihanna for appropriating the scene’s style without giving its originators credit.

In a series of tweets prompted by blog coverage of the “ghettogoth” style worn by Rihanna at a recent awards show, Venus labelled the pop singer a “dumb industry sex slave bitch” who was collecting “all the coins and credit” for her “brand”.

Venus X launched GHE20 GOTH1K in 2009 with her friend Shayne Oliver, designer of cult street brand Hood By Air. Starting as an underground party that attracted clubbers of all races, genders and orientations, the night grew into a subculture of its own with a strongly political edge.

As Venus told Fader last year: “The politics are radical. They’re anti-capitalist and are pro-freedom and democracy — things that we don’t know much about anywhere in the world.” [via Dazed]

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