Birmingham-based tape fetishist Filter Dread hops onto the Ramp imprint to drop new EP MIDI Space.

It was only last year when the producer dropped the excellent Space Loops cassette, but he’s been busy in the time since dropping a series of self-released EPs and the rather good mini-album Hidden Grime.

Now he’s set to make his Ramp debut with MIDI Space, an EP that finds Filter Dread looking back to the year 2000, when he got his first copy of Cubase and began obsessively listening to pirate radio. Taking his cues from rave production and “the quick and unapologetic techniques that were used to make tracks,” we’re treated to a series of short, punchy tracks stitched together with hoover sounds, clanking, clattering drums and garish reverb.

MIDI Space EP will be out on June 23 via Ramp.


01 Clouds From Outer Space
02 Jungle Interlude
03 MIDI Fighter
04 Space Compartment
05 Stolen Dub
06 Trippy Patterns



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