Watch M.I.A.'s weird performance of 'Double Bubble Trouble' on Seth Meyers

Rebel pop star upturns convention, again.

M.I.A. dropped in to Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to perform ‘Double Bubble Trouble’, a track from last year’s Matangi that borrows a melody from Shampoo’s epic ’90s pop hit ‘Trouble’.

Rather than bringing a band with her, or even a troupe of dancers, Maya instead daubed ‘1984 IS NOW’ on the wall and surrounded herself with flying robots, veiled women in hoodies, a couple of neon lights and two bored looking girls holding pink Uzis and pushing themselves round on office chairs.

Oh, and one dancer, who is seriously going for it. Watch the weirdness in the player below and read M.I.A.’s interview with FACT from last year. The Sri Lankan star is also planning a hologram duet with Janelle Monae this summer.




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