New York ambient and electroacoustic producer Ezekiel Honig has unveiled a new book about the art of listening. 

Honig’s been producing rich, collage-based music for over a decade: see 2008’s gorgeous paean to nature Surfaces Of A Broken Marching Band, or 2011’s more urban(e) Folding In On Itself for Type [a label independently operated by FACT staff member John Twells]. Sworn fans include Evian Christ and Laurel Halo.

Bumping Into A Chair While Humming is pitched as a “culmination of years of writing shorter pieces, teaching, and thinking about listening and the layers of choices required in the creative process.” The book, which has been supported by a crowd-funding initiative, will focus on “the practice of listening” – how we engage with music, and how that process can be better refined and understood.

In Honig’s words:

Bumping Into a Chair While Humming explores the sonic potential in everyday objects, spaces, and interactions – the importance of recognizing happy accidents and using the tools at your disposal toward creative ends. It concentrates on how to create a personal soundscape by searching for the moments in one’s immediate environment that resonate for the individual, while editing, arranging, and completing work.

The book will come with illustrations from Asli Senel Smith, and will arrive in a limited first edition run of 300 copies; head here to pick one up.

[via Resident Advisor]




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