Here’s an interesting addition to the hoary old “who is the best singer of all time?” conundrum.

A new list, pulled together by Concert Hotels, compares singers’ vocal ranges across their recordings.

Bizarrely, Guns’N’Roses’ chief squawker Axl Rose takes pole position with a five-octave F1 – B♭6 range. The silver spot goes to Mariah Carey, with Prince, Steven Tyler and James Brown rounding out the Top 5. Commiserations to Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift, who languish right at the bottom of the list.

There are a couple of surprises: Lorde’s range trumps Whitney Houston’s; Eminem sits above the likes of Adele and Björk; and Thom Yorke sits pretty in the top 10. Carey’s G7 is the highest note; Rose’s F1 on ‘There Was A Time’ is the lowest.

Head here to browse the list’s mini-site, or peruse the full rundown below.

[via Consequence of Sound]

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