Robert Beatty’s new Three Legged Race EP Rope Commercial Vol.1 is his most claustrophobic, disfigured release to date.

As a member of longstanding noise outfit Hair Police Beatty has helped inform the direction of the American basement scene, and as a respected artist, he’s helped brand it too, notably contributing artwork to releases from Oneohtrix Point Never, Peaking Lights, Real Estate and more.

His new EP is due to drop next week on the Underwater Peoples imprint, and we’ve got an exclusive stream of the entire thing. Predictably it’s pretty impenetrable stuff, moving slowly from the clanking no-wave of opener ‘All Ajax Dial’ to the twinkly Radiophonic ambience of ‘Aside from Each Other and Together Overnight’.

It’s confounding and incredibly rewarding stuff, and anyone interested in the outer reaches of synth and tape music would do well to take a listen immediately.



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