Watch a short film inspired and soundtracked by Burial's 'Rival Dealer'

A long dark night in London.

The music of Burial has always had a cinematic quality, none more so than last year’s out-of-nowhere Rival Dealer. Fittingly, the EP’s ten-minute title track has inspired a short film by UK director Ben Dawkins, a tale of underworld uncertainty with shades of Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible and Guy Ritchie’s early films.

“Director Ben Dawkins got in touch asking us if he could use ‘Rival Dealer’ by Burial to make a short film that has been inspired by the track. We said he could, and his interpretation is exciting and beautifully made,” writes Hyperdub.

Watch Dealer below. Last year, the press-shy producer opened up to Mary Anne Hobbs about the Rival Dealer EP, which FACT’s Tom Lea called the best thing Burial has made since Untrue.

DEALER from Ben Dawkins on Vimeo.



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