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Mutek 10 acts to see

Mutek and Elektra celebrate 15 years, together.

Beginning Tuesday, thousands of fans will descend on Montreal for EM15, the joint venture that sees the Mutek and Elektra festivals celebrate the leading edge of experimental and electronic art and music.

Set in the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the festival boasts scores of premieres, showcases, conferences and workshops that will keep attendees busy through Sunday. FACT TV will be on the ground to film interviews, performances and more, but until then, here are ten must-see acts from the loaded program.

For more information, head over to the EM15 website.

Thursday, May 29

Techno veteran Richie Hawtin will bring his club concept / full-body experience ENTER. to Mutek, where he’ll be joined by Marc Houle and TM404. With Hawtin’s first Plastikman album in over a decade “imminent,” expect a night of Guggenheim-inspired minimal techno.

Thursday, May 29

Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer came together in 2009 for Re: ECM, an album that saw the Berlin duo rework original recordings from the German jazz label ECM. Since then, the pair have released a string of stellar remixes, and they’ll give their live, improvised Re: ECM experience its North American premiere at Mutek.

Tuesday, May 27

EM15 opens strongly with a live set from the Brooklyn-based producer. Joined by visual collaborator Nate Boyce, Daniel Lopatin can be expected to turn the “isolated and eerily post-humanR Plus Seven into a hypnotic, affecting experience.

Thursday, May 29

Laptop experimenter nonpareil Holly Herndon makes her Canadian debut at Mutek, where the organic-meets-synthetic futurism explored on her recent Chorus EP can be experienced in real-time.

Thursday, May 29

Also making his Canadian live debut is Swedish iconoclast Andreas Tilliander, whose TM404 project explores the possibilities of vintage analogue synths in a real-time, as-is environment — and gets gearheads drooling. Expect the kind of dub techno that he calls “somnolent acid” to be created on-the-fly.

Tuesday, May 27

Ambient noisenik Tim Hecker‘s soundscapes will be even more overwhelming that usual in the MAC’s darkened, fog-filled Salle BWR. Be honest: isn’t that how you’ve always wanted to listen to Ravedeath, 1972?

Friday, May 30

Armed with a broken Casio and a handful of effects, Berlin’s Heatsick approaches his semi-improvised live set like “a rock show” — a strange descriptor for an artist whose work has been described as “elastic goo” house music for Chris Morris fans.

Saturday, May 31

The Bristol bass fiend will make a rare North American live performance. Expect plenty of the cranium-rattling sounds of Tectonic and Cold… and perhaps some of the originals he crafted for his new B2B mix CD with Mumdance?

Sunday, June 1

EM15 closes in style with a set by American-Chilean wunderkind Nicolas Jaar, who returns to Mutek for his latest “From Scratch” experience. Joined by collaboartors Will Epstein, Sasha Spielberg, Lizzie Feidelson, Vance Galloway and visual artist Tarik Barri, Jaar’s improvisations and experiments are proving to be an annual treat for the Mutek audience.

Friday, May 30

Montreal veteran Mateo Murphy has almost two decades in the world of techno, and while his latest project sees him writing a track a week using only Roland x0x machines, his Mutek performance will highlight Roland’s highly-anticipated AIRA gear.

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