Indie purveyors of neon bright electronic music blow candles with free party.

Donky Pitch is celebrating its fifth year with a free party in its hometown of Brighton on June 6 at the Green Door Store, located beneath the train station.

Headlining the celebration is South London’s Plastician, whose own sets have featured the label’s releases amid a wide selection of bass-heavy, tempo hopping dancefloor jams. Slugabed, who kickstarted the label back in 2009 will also join the party alongside Scottish producer Lockah, London’s Tim Parker and one-half of label founders Grinel.

In its five years the label has released music from newcomers The Range, Lockah, Ghost Mutt, Tokyo Hands and Lil’ Texas as well as Lil B producer Keyboard Kid 206, Alix Perez and Foreign Beggars’ Metropolis, Slugabed, 813 and Boss Kite. You can browse their discography and purchase at will over at Bandcamp.

Full details for the event can be found on Facebook.

Plastician recently sat down with Joe Muggs for an extensive interview about his career, change in direction and the forthcoming reissue of his old grime productions.



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