Adam X debuts on L.I.E.S. with Redacted Files EP

Sonic Groove boss appears on Ron Morelli’s skewed dance label.

New York techno veteran and Berlin resident Adam X has lined up a three-track release on L.I.E.S. under his experimental and industrial-leaning ADMX-71 alias.

Redacted Files is described by the label as “a unique take on the traditional EBM sound” with a “subdued yet extremely tense vibe as the carefully composed sounds push and pull against each other slowly trudging to the next destination.” Lead track ‘Disentangle Me’ certainly ticks the “subdued yet extremely tense” box, squelching along at an ominous pace while demonic bleeps flicker around gritty low-end.

It’s an obvious match for the always interesting L.I.E.S. label and it’s out on 12″ later this month – hear ‘Disentangle Me’ below.

Last year the producer reissued an under-the-radar Detroit techno gem complete with a remix under his Traversable Wormhole moniker. Other recent releases on L.I.E.S. include the debut album from Low Jack and the Music For Shut-Ins label compilation. [via JunoPlus]


1. Disentangle Me
2. A Strife Within
3. Cryptic Language



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