Mogwai label Glastonbury rivals Metallica "shite"

But they “don’t really see the fuss” about booking the metal act for the Somerset festival.

Post-rock titans and all-round good eggs Mogwai have labelled Glastonbury headliners Metallica “shite”.

“I can’t wait to hear that guy play the drums again – unbelievably bad,” the band’s Barry Burns told Gigwise. “He’s terrible.”

The two acts are scheduled to perform at the same time on the Saturday night of the festival.

Stuart Braitwaite added: “I just can’t wait until we go all quiet and you can hear ‘Enter Sandman’ in the background, because we’re on at the same time. I don’t really see the fuss. They’re a pretty big rock band and it’s a pretty big rock festival.

“It would be good if they could go back in time to 1989. Metallica at Glastonbury in 1989.”

Asked why they thought the booking had been so controversial, Martin Bulloch didn’t mince his words: “Because they’re shite.”

Let’s hope they get some new T-shirts made for the occasion.

Glastonbury Festival takes place from 25-29 June, with Arcade Fire and Kasabian headlining Friday and Sunday respectively. Mogwai will headline The Park stage on Saturday night, while the rest of the bill includes Skrillex, Danny Brown, Jack White, Pixies, Disclosure and Lana Del Rey.



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