Soundcrash are at it again, and this time they’ve put together “the heaviest line-up of 2014.”

It certainly sounds as if they’re on the right track – taking the headline spot is jungle pioneer Congo Natty, and he’s rolling deep with an on-stage crew of Congo Dubz, Tenor Fly and Nanci & Phoebe. That’s not all, prolific drum n bass rudeboy Dillinja has also signed up for a set, along with dubstep pioneer and DMZ mainstay Mala, and Mungos Hi Fi.

Boasting “enhanced bass” (we’re thinking that the Soundcrash crew are carting in some specialist gear for this one), it looks like one London event you won’t want to miss under any circumstances. Just make sure you take an extra pair of pants.

For more info and to snag tickets, head over to the Soundcrash site.




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