Jim-E Stack announces debut album <em>Tell Me I Belong</em>; listen to 'Reassuring'

After several years on the scene, the San Francisco-born, Brooklyn-­based producer readies his debut album.

Jim-E Stack (aka James Harmon Stack) has been on our radar for a few years now, releasing material that draws from a variety of club traditions on Body High and elsewhere; his remix of Sky Ferreira’s ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ is a particular highlight.

Next month, he’ll release his debut album Tell Me I Belong, bringing together house, techno, Baltimore club, grime and even 80s R&B for an emotionally resonant experience. And while it is a forward-facing album, it does look back on the music of his past. “I’d be working on a track and think, ‘Oh, that tom sound from that African record I bought in high school could sound cool in here,'” he says, “And so I’d dig through these messy hard drives looking just for that sound.”

Lead single ‘Reassuring’ is a yearning, dembow-kissed house track that serves as album’s centerpiece. Stream it and watch a cinemagraph for the track below. Tell Me I Belong is due out on July 28 via Innovative Leisure; the tracklist follows.

01. Somewheres
02. Run
03. Below
04. Reassuring
05. Everything To Say
06. Is It Me
07. Out Of Mind
08. Ease Up
09. Without
10. Wake



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