Lost conversation shows rapper’s state of mind at crucial point in his career.

Audio has emerged of a conversation between Tupac Shakur and Sanyika Shakur (no relation), a notorious L.A gang member who used to go by the name of ‘Monster’ Kody Scott.

The 22-minute conversation took place a few days following Tupac’s release from jail and Monster’s own release a month before. It was recorded by the gangbanger’s wife, unbestknown to both parties. In it the rapper discusses his incarceration, mistreatment at the hands of guards, calls John Singleton a coward and touches on the woman who accused him of rape, claiming she was tied up in his first shooting in NYC. He also talks about a video he’s about to shoot with Dr. Dre that will “give it up for California.”

You can hear the full conversation via YouTube. A must for rap historians and fans of the legendary rapper. [Via Passion Of Weiss]



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