FACT mix 446: M.E.S.H.

PAN’s new recruit follows his new EP Scythians with a pulsating FACT mix.

We first heard M.E.S.H.’s music when PAN founder Bill Kouligas stopped by on FACT’s East Village Radio show (R.I.P.) to play some forthcoming material from the Berlin-based label. Since then, this whole weird corner of the dance music world seems to have gone M.E.S.H mad: he contributed an excellent mix to Truants‘ Functions of the Now series, and Scythians’ title track had the FACT Single Club in raptures, Scott Wilson claiming that “if there has ever been anything close to the sound of a fibre optic cable being attached to your brain and uploading the whole of the internet in one go this is probably it.”

Part of Berlin’s Janus crew along with the recently FACT-featured Lotic, M.E.S.H.’s music finds kinship in the uncompromising club dynamics of Rabit and Total Freedom (whose ‘Icy Lake’ remix features here), but really ups the darkness factor – not in a cliched, crank-the-reverb-up-to-a-hundred way, but with hellish changes of pace and sweat-soiled atmospheres.

If you enjoyed Lotic’s Damsel in Distress mix and Rabit’s recent FACT session, you’ll find similar pleasures here.


Sami Baha – Ba Bird V1
SPF666 – Tsundere ツンデレ (Massacooramaan Remix)
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Total Freedom Remix)
J Sweet – Kerb (Copout Edit)
Jay Boogie – 6 Speed x Logos – Seawolf (Joey LaBeija)
Lotic – Phlegm GGG ft. Tabea Elend & Yue En – Ohne Titel
Amnesia Scanner – Vandalism
M.E.S.H. – Captivated
Spooky – Ludacris Number 1 Spot Refix
Airhead – Black Ink
Viviane N’Dour – Goor Fit
MC Gusttavinho – Mega Aquecimento (Dj Thayná Edit)
M.E.S.H. – Scythians
Jean Nipon – Coming At You
DJ Firmeza – House Ja Mandei
DJ Nigga Fox – Principe
Random XS – Random XS v3.7
Renaissance Man – Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Gauss Mix)
Physical Therapy – Val E Of The Dolls



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