S-Type collaborates with Rustie, Roc Marciano and The Cynic on <i>Rosario</i> EP

LuckyMe‘s S-Type will release his long-awaited Rosario EP on June 23.

Since emerging on radio last year, ‘Rosario’ has become one of the Scottish label’s most eagerly-awaited dubplates. The full Rosario EP features collaborations with Rustie, Roc Marciano and The Cynic, and is available to pre-order now.

You can watch a trailer for the EP (soundtracked by ‘Franco’), stream ‘Rosario’, and watch FACT TV and LuckyMe’s short film about S-Type below. Update: You can also stream ‘Lost Girls’, an instrumental that was requested but ultimately passed over for Drake’s Nothing Was The Same.

Rosario tracklist:

1. Outside feat. Rustie & YC the Cynic
2. Rosario
3. Franco
4. Lost Girls
5. Inside feat. Rustie & Roc Marciano



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