Two more rare Aphex Twin test pressings up for auction

The RDJ rarities keep coming.

This week’s big story has been the release of “lost” Aphex Twin LP Caustic Window. Now, another pair of rare Aphex Twin test pressings have hit the auction circuit.

First up is an unplayed copy of Melodies From Mars (“straight from Rephlex HQ”). Originally scheduled to be released around 1999, Melodies From Mars only exists as a rare cassette given out to friends, or via an unofficial CD-R bootleg released in Russia.

Next up: the almost-as-rare Analogue Bubblebath 5, which was recorded in 1995 but never properly released; a handful of Rephlex customers received a copy in 2005. This vinyl has never been played, either.

Until either of these are purchased, Kickstarted and digitized, revisit the top 50 Aphex Twin songs of all time.



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