…and Lloyd Webber’s nowhere near it, thank the Lord.

Horror OST label One Way Static only opened – well, ominously creaked open – their doors last year, but they’ve made a strong impression in the intervening months. Whirring into action with a fine reissue of Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left, they’ve since put a number of horror touchstones (The Hills Have Eyes, Cannibal Ferox) back on wax, and promoted some newer scores (Valhalla Rising) whilst they’re at it.

For their latest project, they’ve recruited The Laze – a seven-piece prog-cum-electronic ensemble, heavily influenced by film OST greats like Bernard Hermann and John Carpenter. The group have rescored Rupert Julian’s 1925 horror film The Phantom Of The Opera, producing an alternative soundtrack that fuses Zombi’s Goblin-isms with lush instrumental arrangements a la The Cinematic Orchestra

This new version first premiered on Halloween 2010, and toured cinema screenings the following year. One Way Static’s recording arrives on deluxe vinyl, CD and cassette, with artwork from Death Waltz Recording Company regular Luke Insect. We’ve got the first full stream of the record below; look out, Christine!



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