Full details of Marcel Dettmann's <i>Fabric 77</i> revealed

The Berghain resident’s contribution to the long-running mix series will be released on August 18.

In Dettmann‘s words, “I mixed it at home with 2 CD players, as most of the tracks are not available on vinyl yet.The mix is mostly based on unreleased MDR demo tracks, which I’ve carried around with me for the last few years.

“For example the ROD track, I’ve had this one for at least 3 years. Now it is finally a good opportunity to release those tracks and they will all come out on MDR.”

Stream Dettmann’s past FACT mix here.

Ryan James Ford – Arthure Iccon [MDR]
The Persuader – Sun Position [Concrete Music]
Terence Fixmer – Inside Of Me [Planete Rouge]
Marcel Dettmann – Apron (PAS The Rhythm Remix) [MDR]
Answer Code Request – Transit 0.2 [MDR]
Dario Zenker – Nearlin [MDR]
Monobox – Film [M-Plant]
FBK – It’s Not The Point [MDR]
Marcel Dettmann – Radar (Byetone Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
Paperclip People – Country Boy Goes Dub (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Planet E]
Norman Nodge – BB 1.0 [MDR]
Francois X – Rising [MDR]
Marcel Dettmann – Lightworks (Phase Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
Lockertmatik – M_Lock 4 [MDR]
Wincent Kunth – Carlre [MDR]
Joey Anderson – Repulsive (Marcel Dettmann Edit) [Dekmantel]
Marcelus – Flash [MDR]
Vril – Torus XXXII [Forum]



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