Dalhous unveil two tracks from new LP Will To Be Well

Two more transmissions from the Scottish outfit’s moody sophomore effort.

On their second LP for Blackest Ever Black, Dalhous’ writer and producer Marc Dall continues his exploration of the life and work of ‘anti-psychiatry’ figurehead R.D. Laing while looking towards “more universal and enduring mysteries: the relationships between body and mind, illness and wellness, the physical and the metaphysical.”

Ahead of the release of Will To Be Well on July 7, Dalhous have shared an edit that splices two album tracks – the melodic and melancholy ‘Sensitised To This Area’ and the droning ‘Lovers Of The Highlands’.

Hear them below and check out the previously unveiled ‘Abyssal Plane’ underneath.


01 First Page From Justine
02 A Communion With These People
03 Function Curve
04 Sensitised To This Area
05 Lovers Of The Highlands
06 Four Daughters By Four Women
07 Her Mind Was A Blank
08 Transference
09 To Be Universal You Must Be Specific
10 Someone Secure
11 Entertain The Idea
12 Abyssal Plane
13 Thoughts Out Of Season
15 Masquerading As Love



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