Yorkshire beserker Blawan snips the ribbon on a new night. 

Y’all know Blawan: influential releases on R&S and Hinge Finger; a side gig alongside Pariah in hardware-worshipping techno unit Karenn; stewardship of the Works The Long Nights imprint; and a wonderful way with a track title. His latest enterprise is a new clubnight at London’s Corsica Studios. Titled TERNESC, it promises to bring Blawan’s various interests – throttling techno, darkside 4×4 and the moodier end of post-punk – into alignment.

The first TERNESC paryt will take place on July 19. Whitehouse’s William Bennett will be appearing under his Cut Hands guise, exploring hammering rhythms cribbed from various African and Caribbean drumming traditions. He’ll be joined by Ostgut Ton’s Answer Code Request, whose recent Code LP is a fine collection of slow-burning techno. Sonic Groove’s Northern Structures will be making the trip, as will Mote-Evolver producer Psyk and special addition Tasha. Plus, of course, a set from Blawan himself.

The night runs from 10.00pm until 7.00am. Head here for tickets.



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