French startup launches iOS app to help you stay afloat when browsing for music.

As far as ideas go it’s a fairly obvious one: apply the ‘bookmark it and read it later’ concept to music. After all if apps like Pocket can help you make sense of what to read, and when, online then a similar approach to music is rather obvious – after all, who really has time to listen to everything they come across in a single day or week online.

Whyd started as an online service in January this year and has just extended with an iOS app, while an Android version is in the works.

Simply sign up via the website and add the Whyd bookmark to your browser of choice. After that you click it when you come across something you want to save or listen to later. Your profile is then also available via the app (you must have a profile to use it), while the growing community – currently 60,000 and counting – offers additional ways to discover new music via browsing and playlist building.

The Next Web has a nicely detailed explanation of what the app allows you to do, which seems to include a fair few of the usual tricks we’ve come to expect from similar music discovery services. Those are nice but it’s really the functionality of saving something for later in one, shared if you will, space that makes Whyd an interesting proposition.

The makers claim that their aim is to provide a platform that isn’t locked to any one music service: “Whyd aims to let music lovers share and discover songs they love together, whatever the platform or catalog they come from, creating a cross-platform record collection for the streaming era.”

As The Next Web points out the idea isn’t new per se, but as with the ‘read it later’ apps that have been around for a while now have shown, it’s all in the execution and the traction you can get through your community.



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