Vladislav Delay goes head to head with Sun Electric’s Max Loderbauer once more on the duo’s second 12″ as Heisenberg.

Appearing again on Sasu Ripatti’s excellent Ripatti imprint (which is now up to its sixth release), Heisenberg contribute two brand new tracks of pounding, unpredictable electronic music, sounding not unlike industrial EBM at times.

The 12″ will be limited to a meager 350 copies, and will as usual be released on vinyl only, so those of you waiting for digital had better stop dreaming – Ripatti has made it very clear that the label will never be releasing these tracks digitally, so grab them on vinyl or miss out entirely. Thankfully, he shared an exclusive mix featuring short segments of a few of these vinyl exclusives, which at least gives us a taste of what we can expect before shelling out for the wax.

FACT’s John Twells put together a mammoth list of Sasu Ripatti’s finest productions throughout the years, and you can read it here.

RIPATTI06 will be released on July 21 via Ripatti.


01 #2
02 #6



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