Against the Clock is a series on FACT TV where we give an artist 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with. You can watch all the past episodes here.

Taking the challenge this week, Heatsick. Steven Warwick has been carving out a weird old niche in some weird old corner of dance music for close to a decade now, settling on Bill Kouligas’s PAN label for the release of two of his most recent albums, Intersex and Re-Engineering.

In recent years Heatsick has gathered as much attention for his live show as his records, where he uses presets on a battered Casio keyboard and guitar pedals to build up cacophonies of off-beat drums, samples and key sequences that range from swelling chords to quasi-rave. Like a true rebel of the dance, he called a halt to the challenge at around 8 minutes 30.

For more about Heatsick, read Maya Kalev’s interview with him. Watch the rest of FACT TV’s Mutek 2014 videos here.




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