Stream Spazzkid's neon-washed <em>Promise</em> EP, out soon on Daedelus' Magical Properties imprint

The LA-based producer adds elements of J-Pop, Jersey club and juke to his formula.

Mark “Spazzkid” Redito emerged last year with Desire, an LP that found the Filipino producer laying down lush, synth-and-sample-driven electronica. His latest effort, the Promise EP, takes the instrumentation of Desire into a poppier direction with summery results.

The EP is due out tomorrow on Daedelus‘ Magical Properties imprint, and fans of Daedelus will find a lot to like here. Stream the EP — including J-Pop-inflected standout ‘Truly’ — below; we also spoke to the producer over email about it.

Tell us a little about the Promise EP.

I wanted for this new EP to be dance floor friendly, while at the same time retaining pop arrangements and a bit of that relaxed vibe I previously established. Admittedly, I had been listening to a lot more dance music when I made this album. Cashmere Cat is a big inspiration as well as Rustie.

How does the EP compare to last year’s album?

Affirmation from friends and fans led to me singing more and putting my voice in the forefront. For this EP I also moved away from using samples and made the effort to play my own synths more. A bright sound has always been my trademark but more so on this EP.

‘Truly’ has the kind of the pop sound we’ve been enjoying this year. How’d that come together? How’d you connect with Sarah Bonito?

Each track is very special to me but “Truly” is a personal favorite. I wanted to keep people guessing. Mixing a chilled chorus with an up-tempo verse is something that sounded fresh to me so I pursued that in this song.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s band Kero Kero Bonito for a while now, and I really love her mix of quirky Japanese and English rapping. I reached out to her online and see if she wanted to collaborate and thankfully she was really down. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her.

To rephrase some of the lyrics from ‘Truly’, what are you looking forward to in 2014?

More collaboration with visual artists and musicians alike and more opportunities to share my live performance far and wide. I am also really looking forward to creative opportunities in the future that are yet to be seen like producing tracks and albums for other artists.



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