Update: You can download Royalty: The Prequel from the website of Contra Paris (the label that The-Dream established after leaving Def Jam) right now. Apparently, he also got married on July 4 – he’s a busy man.

The-Dream took to Instagram last night to post what looks like the cover of a brand new EP.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise really, there’s been a fair gap since last year’s (quite patchy) IV Play, and attention seems to be surrounding him again following the success of excellent loosie ‘Black’.

Nash uploaded a front and back cover to a release that appears to be called Royalty: The Prequel, and if his use of sevens is to be trusted, the EP will be dropping today. He accompanied his Instagram post with the cryptic text “777,” and if you look closely at the artwork you’ll see “7T7” monograms emblazoned alongside the tracklist. This is no doubt a reference to 1977, the year of Nash’s birth (and the name of his crucial 2011 stop-gap album), but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the record dropped at 7pm tonight, on the 7/7.

Needless to say, we’re pretty eager to hear what’s in store, especially looking at the tracklist, which contains one track called ‘Pimp C Lives’, after the sorely missed UGK rapper, and one called ‘Outkast’. [via Complex]


01 Duet
02 Culture
03 Pimp C Lives
04 Outkast
05 Wedding Bells
06 Lake Michigan
07 Cold
08 Royalty




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