Stream 'The Tower' / 'Plato's Retreat', Hyetal and Julio Bashmore's new single as Velour

Julio Bashmore and Hyetal‘s Velour project will return to Broadwalk Records this Summer.

Although the two producers are best known for their solo projects, their records together as Velour are some of their best. They debuted the project with The Velvet Collection, a 2010 EP on Night Slugs that showcased their shared love of boogie, funk and ’80s pop (not to mention skyscraping phalluses), and reappeared last year with a two-tracker on Bashmore’s Broadwalk label.

Their next single, ‘The Tower’ / ‘Plato’s Retreat’ will be released on July 28 – you can stream clips below. Read FACT’s recent interview with Bashmore here.



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