Plasticine hero Morph returns – and he's a DJ now

The Plasticine legend (nope, that’s not too strong a word) starts his second life as a selector.

That little orange fellow, for those who didn’t grow up in the UK, is Morph – a squishy stop-action hero for the under-10s who first appeared on TV screens in the ’70s on Tony Hart’s art programme Take Hart.

As Mixmag has spotted, Morph is back in the limelight after a meltdown in 2005 when a warehouse fire destroyed the original models for the character.

As you can see, he’s moved with the times by re-training as a DJ – well, a scratch DJ, but we’ll send him a few Randomer 12″s and see how he gets on. Watch him and his pal Chas on the decks (literally) in the first episode of a 15-part YouTube series.




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