Brazilian techno mainstay Gui Boratto outlines his fourth.

Back in 2007, Boratto produced that rarest of beasts – a (gasp) crossover techno LP. Chromophobia’s crisp, airy textures found some cache with the indie crowd, and his two subsequent albums (2009’s Take My Breath Away and 2011’s III) minded a similar seam, albeit to a more muted critical and commercial response.

In September, Kompakt will put out Boratto’s fourth studio LP, Abaporu. The album promises to be something of a cross-cultural fusion, offering pieces where “European and indigenous influences[…]collide in the most exciting manner.”

The cover at, which reimagines Tarsilo Do Amaral’s painting of the same name, is below, as is strobing new single ‘Joker’. Abaporu will drop on September 29 through Kompakt, and will be available on 2xLP, CD and digital.


01. Antropofagia
02. Joker
03. Please Don’t Take Me Home
04. Get The Party Started
05. Abaporu
06. 22
07. Take Control
08. Indigo
09. Manifesto
10. Wait For Me
11. Where I Belong
12. Too Late
13. Palin Dromo



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