Drake pays $100,000 for borrowing lyrics on YG's 'Who Do You Love'

“Now you know the deal.”

On YG’s ‘Who Do You Love’, Drake kicked off his verse with a few lines that referenced Rappin’ 4-Tay’s 1994 hit ‘Playaz Club’. While borrowing lyrics and cadences is certainly common in rap, 4-Tay took offense to Drake re-appropriating his lyrics without paying direct homage.

4-Tay is probably feeling better about the incident today: according to TMZ, Drake’s label paid the rapper $100,000 to settle the beef. A lawsuit was never filed.

That’s a high price tag for borrowing four 20-year-old lyrics, but we’re sure Drake isn’t hurting. The rap star just announced the name for his next album, Views From The 6.



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