Justin Bieber has gone deep house

That’s “deep house” in the 2014 sense of the word, anyway.

Justin Bieber has posted a bunch of video clips on Instagram revealing what he’s been working on in the studio since releasing his really-pretty-decent Journals album.

And it’s with a sense of crushing inevitability that we can report that the Biebs has gone house. Or what passes for house these days – in the clip below he lends his vocals to a bouncy, big-room track that wouldn’t sound out of place in the upper reaches of the post-Disclosure UK charts.

You may find that the clip below is a bit glitchy. That’s the sound of millions and millions of Beliebers being exposed to, er, EDM for the first time as they swarm across the rebel poseur’s Instagram. The potential ramifications of this are unknown, but potentially huge. (Hat tip to Mistajam for bringing it to our attention.)



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