Young Echo alum Vessel is back with his second full-length, and appears to have made a creative about-turn.

A far cry from the filigree electronic experimentation of Order of Noise, Punish, Honey instead drags us into a world of industrial electronics, glam rock and mucky soundscapes. It’s all part of Vessel’s plan to create a “more organic” sound, and he managed this by stripping back the electronics and “using sheets of metal as percussion, sawing up bikes to make flutes and creating harmonic guitars all by his own hand.”

The result is an album that will no doubt stand as one of the oddest on Tri Angle‘s roster, and first single ‘Red Sex’ is certainly a taste of something very different indeed. Apparently the album finds Vessel asking himself the question “What does ‘Englishness’ in music really mean?” and we have to say, we’re very curious to find out.

Punish, Honey will be released on September 15, via Tri Angle.


01 Febrile
02 Red Sex
03 Drowned in Water and Light
04 Euoi
05 Anima
06 Black Leaves and Fallen Branches
07 Kin to Coal
08 Punish, Honey
09 DPM



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