Pete Tong on the DJ who has "consistently eluded" him

Highlights from Tong’s Reddit AMA.

Essential Mix master Pete Tong is the latest person to subject himself to an Ask-Me-Anything thread on Reddit, offering some insight into his two decades on BBC radiowaves.

When asked to name one artist he would love to have do an Essential Mix, Tong pointed to minimal techno figurehead Ricardo Villalobos. “[He] has consistently eluded me. We have talked about it, he hasn’t actually said no, but he can often be seen running out of the back door of restaurants in Ibiza when I enter.” It should be noted that Villalobos and Richie Hawtin teamed up for an Essential Mix back in 2005.

Also, when asked about a Burial Essential Mix, Tong offered this cryptic response: “burial fourtet cajmere green velvet …. I’m asking.” He might be having a bit of fun with the Burial-Four Tet “rumors,” because Four Tet dropped an Essential Mix in 2010, and Green Velvet (aka Cajmere) finally got his this week.



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