Unless you were trapped in a cave this summer, you probably already know that US metal dinosaurs Metallica headlined Glastonbury Festival this year.

They brought their very American brand of rawk to Worthy Farm, and the crowd of chemically-enhanced young’uns responded (mostly) favorably. Well, if the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich is to be believed, Glastonbury are continuing with the metal theme, and may be tapping legendary Aussie/Brit legends AC/DC for next year’s spot.

Talking to Q Magazine, Ulrich said “”Can I throw in my first bid for who I think Michael Eavis has booked for next year? I have heard it might be a band whose lead singer is British, but none of the rest of the band are. Yeah… AC/DC. Come on! Can you imagine that?”

It seems pretty decisive, but Ulrich of course could just be talking shit – I mean, we’ve all seen Some Kind of Monster, right? He also noted that he enjoyed himself so much at Glastonbury this year that he’d be returning with a bevvy of mates in 2015, saying “it doesn’t matter what anybody tells you about Glastonbury, you don’t know what it’s like until you experience it for yourself.”

If you fancy hearing a more informed opinion, check out what Joe Muggs thought of this year’s cavalcade of revelry (hint: it was pretty incredible).



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