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The LuckyMe collective has always had a sharp eye for design.

Emerging from the vibrant scene orbiting Glasgow’s School of Art, the growing family of musicians, artist and designers now encompasses a network of creative minds from around the world – including Montréal firebrand and HudMo collaborator Lunice, who returns this month with his fiery new single, ‘Can’t Wait To’.

To mark his first solo release since 2011’s One Hunned EP, Lunice and the LuckyMe crew teamed up to create an ambitious video for ‘Can’t Wait To’, using projection-mapping technology to build an illuminated universe from beams of light, inside which the producer shows off his signature slick stage moves.

The video was created for NX-Perspectives, a digital art exhibition that invites creatives from across the fashion, design and music industries to produce unique works inspired by the design of the new Lexus NX. For NX-Illuminated, Lunice and the LuckyMe team imagined the sharp lines of the car’s LED headlights as glowing columns of light, which cut through the room as he pops and locks in continuous motion.

Check out the results of LuckyMe’s NX-Illuminated project in the video, and explore more of the high-tech creative collaborations from NX-Perspectives on their dedicated website.



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